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Veteran’s Day. November 11, 2011

While a majority of the world have been “celebrating” the highly anticipated 11/11/11, in the streets of San Francisco, people were out celebrating our veterans who have fought in wars and served our country well. 

Who are we? VEC! Who are we? VEC! What is our mission? Full recognition!

Today I was able to walk alongside our very own Filipno World War II War veterans during the parade today with my sisters of Kappa Psi Epsilon, the brothers of Chi Rho Omicron, SFSU’s PACE, and USF’s Kasamahan. Our organizations came together this morning to walk in the rain, yelling chants, and to show our never ending support for our man@ngs who continue to fight for what’s rightfully theirs. Bigyan mo respekto ang veterano!

Seeing the manongs in uniform, sitting proudly in their trolley, made me tear up. It’s probably because I have a soft spot for old people. But knowing they served for this country and to be continuously denied full equity breaks my heart. 15k is not okay, why would you treat our vets this way? These manongs won’t get any younger. They fought for our future, it’s time we fight for theirs. 


The lack of sleep and walking in the rain only to get sick was definitely worth seeing the smiles on our man@ngs faces today =)

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