Kappa Psi Epsilon was founded on the symbolism of the KA - an alibata symbol of the ancient Pilipino culture standing for resistance to oppression and the struggle for freedom.  It is in this belef that Kappa Psi Epsilon is fully dedicated to studying and analyzing the Pilipino and Pilipino-American past, present, and future. In doing so, the Sisters of Kappa Psi Epsilon can learn from history and find their places in present and future struggles for freedom. However, before any type of revolution occurs, there must be revolution of self. Kappa Psi Epsilon cultivates this “revolution” through sisterhood, active listening/learning and analyzation of individual and organizational successes and failures.  Only in finding this revolutionary self can true inner strength emerge - thus a self that supports the meaning of the KA.  Kappa Psi Epsilon is a unity of women that supports, as well as understands, the need to resist oppression and to always struggle for freedom, be it within or externally.


Alpha - CSU Long Beach
Beta - San Francisco State University
Gamma - UC Davis
Delta - UCLA
Epsilon - CSU Sacramento



We all have the power in us to do great things—that is what Kappa Psi Epsilon is all about. Kappa Psi Epsilon is a Pinay-based sisterhood focused on the enrichment of your life through knowledge of culture and history. By learning about our struggles, triumphs, and failures—past as well as present—you will find yourself with the wisdom to become a better thinker, a better leader, and a better individual. 

 *** Please keep in mind that although our foundation is Pinay based, our lessons are UNIVERSAL and our sisterhood is immensely diverse and welcoming to all women. *** 

  August 23, 2011 at 12:27am
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